What Are the Best Places to Visit Near Arlington, VT?

Fresh mountain air, exciting outdoor adventures, historic attractions, and fantastic restaurants are just a few of the things that Arlington, VT, offers to its visitors. With so much to do in Arlington, it can be a challenge to solidify an itinerary that you can complete in just one trip. Instead of spending hours trying to narrow down your list, read below for five of the most essential places to visit near Arlington and get one step closer to planning the vacation you’ve been dreaming about! For additional ideas on where to go in Arlington, download our free Vacation Guide. In it, you’ll find an extensive list of the area’s best restaurants, museums, and outdoor activities!

5 of the Best Places to Visit in Arlington, VT

Appalachian Trail

If you’ve never hiked a section of the Appalachian Trail, the rolling hills and blanket of trees will take your breath away. The trail spans 2,181 miles across 14 states and takes travelers through some of the most spectacular pieces of land on the East Coast. In the Fall, the Vermont weather gives visitors an amazing chance to see the fall foliage and marvel at the gorgeous, golden-orange landscape that extends in every direction as far as the eye can see. If you’re looking for an amazing hiking spot on your Vermont vacation, you won’t stumble across a better one than this.

Bromley Mountain

If you’re visiting Vermont during the ski season, there’s no better place to hit the slopes than Bromley Mountain. Bromley is also known as Sun Mountain because it’s the only ski resort in Vermont who’s ski runs all face the sun, giving skiers a chance to work on their bronze and have some fun at the same time. Check out Arlington Inn’s Ski Package for a great deal on lodging and lift tickets!

Bennington Monument and Museum

The tallest and most impressive structure in Vermont is the Bennington Monument. This 300-foot monolith was built to commemorate the Battle of Bennington, a turning point in the Revolutionary War that took place on August 16th, 1777. Today, the monument is connected to a museum where you can to brush up on American history and learn more about the area’s storied past. Bennington is just a short drive from Arlington! Click here for directions.

The Vermont Cheese House

Home to around one thousand dairy farms, Vermont is well known for its delicious variety of dairy products, especially its amazing, artisan cheeses. (There’s even a Vermont Cheese Council). The absolute best place to stop on Vermont’s Cheese Trail is The Vermont Cheese House. Whether you stop by for some perfectly aged cheddar or the homemade maple syrup, The Vermont Cheese house is worth the trip.

The Arlington Inn Restaurant

Not only does the Arlington Inn offer beautiful lodging, it is also the host of one of the best restaurants in Arlington, VT. Seasonally inspired creations, patio seating, and expert wine and food pairings are just part of the Arlington Inn dining experience. Stop by in the spring or summer for a garden party and reserve a table in the main dining room for a delightful meal. Even with all of the outstanding outdoor activities and local attractions in Arlington, a meal at the Arlington Inn Restaurant will be one of the best highlights of your vacation.  

Where to Stay

Exploring the Southern Vermont countryside or hiking the Appalachian Trail can be draining. Fortunately, the Arlington Inn is the perfect place recharge for your next adventure! With luxurious accommodations and top of the line amenities, our Inn offers the best lodging options in the area. For example, take a look at Rhoda’s Room. Equipped with its own private entrance to the gardens, a brick patio, and a comfortable queen bed, booking a night in Rhoda’s Room will ensure that your stay in Arlington is as relaxing and regal as the Appalachian Mountains. Booking your stay has never been easier!