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Revolutionary War and Civil War Tour

Southwest Vermont, from Bennington to the Manchester area, played a very significant role in the winning of the Revolutionary War. Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain Boys planned their capture of Fort Ticonderoga (the first Colonists’ victory) from here and defeated the British in the Battle of Bennington which kept supplies from the British who then surrendered at Saratoga, NY, which was the turning point in the War.

Surprisingly, Vermont also has many ties to the Civil War. For instance, Vermont lost more people in the Civil War than any other state in the Union. Every generation of Abraham Lincoln’s descendants lived or visited the Manchester and Dorset areas. Some Lincolns were interred here. Tombstones for Gettysburg came from this area and more.

Tour Details

Tour is 9:30 to 11:45 daily

In just over 2 hours, you’ll see:

  • Over 25 points of interest with over 15 sites on the National Register of Historic Places and Historic Districts.
  • Places where Ethan Allen and the Green Mountain boys met, lived, traveled, camped, drank and planned the various victories.
  • Where many Abraham Lincoln descendants lived and visited; where Mary Todd Lincoln stayed; where Gettysburg tombstones were quarried; Underground Railroad safe houses; etc.
  • Sites & Historic Districts in Bennington, Arlington, Manchester, Dorset etc.
  • Buildings on the national register and hear a personalized narrative explaining their significance to the Civil and Revolutionary Wars.
  • The tour route will go through covered bridges and historic villages and go by places where US Presidents stayed, etc as we explore the heart of Green Mountain Boy country.
  • Bring your camera!

Room Pricing

Available late May through September 12, Sunday – Thursday

  • Queen Rooms | $440
  • Luxury Kings | $515

Package includes:

  • Available Midweek
  • Package Rates are per couple and include tax; gratuity is left to your discretion.
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